With strength because of embracing diversity, this exciting company blends interesting aspects of commercial and technical fields with millennium-style attitudes and abilities.
Encouraged by making meaningful, positive contributions to people's careers and businesses, providing services and products which are reliable and effective, Vandasol (Pty) Ltd continues to build upon a strong foundation which recognizes the very quality of life

Vandasol offers its product ranges and services to both business and private individuals: from advising, supporting and training around commercial and management arenas to specific LRA mediation and innovative outsourced management solutions, training programmes catering for various levels of previous experience, to its in-house aviation-skills training and exciting youth development programmes; from being a specialist supplier of world-class electroplating and Ag-based brazing alloys to its specific PPE products; from its very capable activities in the sound industry to lighting and visual solutions; from its wide range of items for rental to its custom-video and custom-radio activities

Vandasol has experienced phenomenal growth since its 2014 formalized inception. The founder of the business has simply continued to build on an exceptional record of local and international brand building and business enhancements, using valuable skills and experience to best advantage. With additional in-house skills diversifying the company's basket, the strength of the business is certainly linked to its ability to cover numerous markets with excellent results